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Animal Welfare Al Ain is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to improving the welfare of animals in Al Ain.

We rely on volunteers and members of the community to carry out our work. We do not have a shelter or office. This means that if you see an animal and rescue it from the street, you are taking responsibility as there may be no foster homes available. However, we always do our best to help. 2 companies contracted by the Municipality which treat sick street animals and sterilise them for free (AWA is not recommending or endorsing these companies, we are only informing you of their service):

Al Ain (north) PMC: 03 735 8118 or call 993.

Al Ain (south): Eagle 800 2500 or 052 985 1862

We are a member society of WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) and MENAW (Middle East Network for Animal Welfare). We also work with other animal welfare groups in the UAE.


Missing since end of August 2014 from Al-Ain, Sheikh Mansur (near Tawam, behind Abela supermarket). Black/white, elderly female, friendly. One ear tipped. She listens to her name MOOCOW. Please email rmdbernsen@gmail.com

Riri missing since 12 July 2014 from Al-Ain, Jimi area, Shaikh Shakhboot bin SultanSt, She has white strip around her neck, back is gray. Most of her bottom, belly, side and legs are white. Friendly, playful, likes to lick fellow cats, high craving for grass. She is microchipped (784095800016452). Owner phone 0506506640

This beautiful dog was lost in the Masoudi Manasif area of Al Ain. If you have any information about him, please call: 052 972 0204

March 22, 2014: Leon, a 3 year old short hair boy has been missing for about 3 weeks in Nassriya area (near Al Ain airport area). Any information, please call 050 330 5605


May 21, 2014: A husky was seen near the Police Officers' Club in Al Ain on 19th May. If anyone has lost a husky they should contact Falcon Hospital to see if it has been picked up and taken there.

November 2014: 2 healthy rottweilers have been found in Dubai - one male and one female - probably lost or abandoned. If you recognise them, please contact us. If you want to adopt then also contact us with the application form on the Adopt a Pet page.

A selection of animals looking for a home

Here are some of the beautiful pets for adoption or fostering- go to Adopt a Pet page or Foster Page.


Please read the notes on 'What to consider before adopting

a pet' on the Adoption Page


We require you to fill in an application form before adopting and there is an adoption fee. This is because they have mostly been spayed, treated and cared for by us for a period of weeks or months.



AWA Donation Box for Cat food in Al Jimi Mall

If you have been to Al Jimi mall recently you may have noticed that we have returned the cat food donation box. We had a great response to this last year with lots of wet and dry cat food. Thank you very much for your generosity! It is great to feel that we have this anonymous support.
We need more dry food as we have now 4 sites where we have cat cafes (cat feeding stations) at some educational campuses around Al Ain. We give them dry food every day and a few times a week we add some wet food to their diet.(All the cats that we feed have been sterilised). You can donate tins or packets of cat food or money for our Cat Cafes.Go and see it at Al Jimi Mall main entrance.

See Education Page for more details on Cat Cafes.


Wilfred and Carmel have found a forever home! They are the best of friends. This gives us inspiration to continue our work!

Our Mission:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of a trap, neuter, return program for feral cats
  • To treat sick, injured or abandoned animals
  • To help find permanent homes for abandoned pets
  • To work with the municipality to improve the standards of pet shops
  • To promote the Cat Cafe concept (See Education page for details)

Click on the link below to read about the laws governing animal welfare in the UAE

Animal Welfare Law





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