We need committed volunteers. There are many ways in which you can help: see below:

Foster Homes

Why there is a need for fostering
Some cats and dogs found on the streets appear to be docile and friendly and are probably abandoned or lost pets. Many of these cannot live easily or safely on the street to fend for themselves and so we try to give them a home.

Types of fostering

If it is not possible for you to adopt an animal then you could foster a cat or dog for a short period of time until the animal is permanently homed. It may be a few weeks, six months or longer. It depends on each individual case and how quickly someone offers to adopt.

We often have female street cats which need to be kept inside after they have been spayed before they go back on the street. They need about 4 – 5 days recuperation time to be sure that there are no complications from the spaying.

Fund Raisers

Why we need to raise funds

  • We have vets bills for the spaying, neutering and other surgery needed for injured cats or dogs
  • We buy equipment such as cat traps for our Trap Neuter Release program
  • We print leaflets, posters, banners, etc. for our Education Table

Our usual fund raising

  • A table at Open Days at Al Ain English Speaking School and Jimi Mall Friday souq
  • Calendars for 2012 for sale
  • Eco-bags with the AWA logo and logo of sponsors

Event Organizers

We need an experienced person (or someone who is willing to learn) to organize events which raise money

Events could include:

  • Dinner and entertainment at a local hotel or similar venue
  • Sponsored walk for people
  • Sponsored walk with dogs at a venue such as the Rugby Club, Palm Resort

Other ideas are very welcome

Public Relations People

We need people who are willing to meet sponsors or potential sponsors of companies etc to promote, discuss and explain our work.

If you feel you could offer even a couple of hours a week, please contact us