Above is a cat enclosure which was used to introduce 4 siblings to a new site. Cats normally cannot be transfered from one place to another. They will return to their original home.

It was a special case for these 4 siblings which were born inside a building. For 3 weeks they were kept and fed here (after being sterilised)

They are now free to roam their new habitat.



We are especially grateful to the company Friskies for supplying a dry cat food for our cat cafes on 3 sites.

Shortly, AWA will be holding a cat food donation stand inside Al Jimi Mall so that members of the public can donate cans of wet food or packets of dry cat food to reinforce our supplies. Money can also be donated for cat food.

We are grateful for all contributions.



We can arrange a visit to schools in the Al Ain area to help children learn about basic Pet Care. We also do story-telling using materials from IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) giving the message against keeping exotic pets.


Would you like a school visit?

If you would like us to do a school visit on these topics or something related to animal welfare please use the Contact Us tab.

If you would like to volunteer to do some school visits for us, please email with your information.



AWA has estblished 3 Cat Cafes on a university campus which has a small population of about 12 cats.

Cat cafes are feeding stations where dry and wet food and water is provided for the resident cats after they have been sterilised.

A cat cafe can only be set up in areas such as shopping mall and hotel grounds. It also needs a group of volunteers to maintain it.

It is essential to establish a Trap Neuter Return programme. This means that each cat is sterilised and returned to the same site.



Two companies do free sterilisation for street cats ( under contract to Al Ain municipality):

PEST MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY (areas north of Khalifa Street) Call 03 735 8118 or call 993 and get redirected.

EAGLE (areas south of Khalifa Street) Call centre: 800 2500

Working hours 7 – 3pm