Adopt a Pet

AWA Adoptees

Here are some of our cats & dogs that need homes:



Adopting an animal is a huge commitment. Before you download an application form please ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I prepared to put in the time and effort it takes to look after a pet?

2. Am I committed to spending money on food and vet’s bills?

3. Am I prepared to take my pet with me when I leave?

4. Will the pet be alone during the day when I am at work?

5. Can I give the pet enough time and attention in my life?

6. Do I have other pets which will be able to accept another pet in the house?

If the answer is ‘Yes’,to all the questions then download an application form.

If the answer is ‘No’, you might consider becoming a foster carer.


These two beautiful kittens were born on April 10. They are a boy called Mercedes and a girl called Molly. They are already eating solid food and are litter-trained.

They’re still very shy but will make adorable pets for a family.

Fill in the application form on the right (this page) and send it to [email protected]



Golden long-haired cat of about one and a half to two years old. Fostered at vet’s but hopes are to get a great home for

this beautiful girl.

A typical lap cat who craves attention and will make a lovely companion animal.

Contact: Al Rawdha vet 03 7551222


These 3 kittens were rescued at about 10 days old in early April, Harley, Maj and Essbee are now about 3 months old and are healthy, strong and loving kittens. They are comfortable either in the garden or in your lap in front of the TV. They are house-trained. It would be wonderful for them to be homed together.

Contact: Peter 050 869 7948


This sweet girl is about 6 -7 months old. She prefers to be an indoor/outdoor cat. She’s fully vaccinated and has a pet passport.

She would need to be in a home with no other cats.

Fill in an application form (see above on this page) and send it to [email protected]


Mavro is a beautiful long-haired cat of about 2 years old. He is in excellent health and has been sterilised and dewormed. He is an indoor cat but loves looking out of the window. He’s very friendly with visitors but not sure how he feels about children.

Contact Edna 056 733 8504 or Susan 050 533 8577