What Do Leopard Geckos Eat in the Wild?

The leopard geckos are really a good pet for you, many people have loved their gecko buddies and managed their health by taking care of everything from maintaining the environment to their food. Thus is you are someone who has a leopard gecko or curious to know what they eat. We have covered all of the things that a leopard gecko eats in the wild and how does their food benefit their health. They eat many things from insects to pink mice and other best food for leopard gecko which really benefits their health.

A pink Mice

What Do Leopard Geckos Eat in the Wild?

A pink mouse is a portion of good food for the leopard gecko especially in case of the female geckos it provides every nutrient required for the females that are going to be ready for breeding. Your leopard gecko is surely gonna be happy, but do not feed the big mouse’s or mouse’s that have hairs on their bodies to leopard geckos. Many reptiles like to have a mouse in their doubt thus baby pink mice are the best food for the leopard gecko. You just can’t feed them a mouse that has hair because it can cause an intestinal impact on your leopard gecko.

Wild Caught Insects

In their natural habitat, they need food to survive so they feed themselves by eating the insects the catch in wild. Insects are always full of protein and nutrients to keep the geckos healthy thus if you are feeding your leopards geckos some insects that will be a good thing for a lizard. All the reptiles that walk normally survive on these types of food only. They can’t have their food every time they want which is why they go into the wild and prey upon the wild insects that they can eat and digest easily to get all the nutrient requirements for survival.

Canned Insects

This is the most convenient for them to have as they don’t have to hunt in the wilds for this. The canned insects are truly good for a pet leopard gecko to gain some strength and energy in their body. You can easily find this pet food in any nearby pet store or in any online store for your pet leopard gecko. Feed the sufficient quantity of insects to your gecko as they need that badly for their survival as a pet. There are many types of insects like grasshoppers and flies that are canned inside to provide all the nutrients to your gecko.

What Type Of Insect Can be Feed

What Do Leopard Geckos Eat in the Wild?

Many insects are not eatable because of being poisonous or bad for health. Thus you should only feed you leopard gecko some known insects which are eatable and good for the health of reptiles like leopard gecko. Some of the insects that leopard gecko feeds on are,

  • Moths
  • May Beetles
  • Beetle grubs
  • Caterpillars
  • Sowbugs
  • Tree, or field caterpillars
  • Katydids
  • Harvestman, this is an insect
  • Small praying mantids
  • Bee flies
  • Crain flies
  • Grasshoppers

These are some of the insects that leopard gecko likes to eat. So if you want to manage their diet add one of these insects in their diet. They all have similar kinds of nutrients which are good for your leopard geckos.

Things To Keep In mind

What Do Leopard Geckos Eat in the Wild?

Whatever you feed to your leopard gecko, you need to make sure that you notice it behaves and how does it affect the health and activities of your pet. Select the food that keeps them more active during the whole day and add them to their weekly diet plan. Make sure their tummy gets filled. If you are feeding mice to them then you should only feed the pink-colored baby mice to them as they are really good food. Hairy or big mice can cause something unhealthy to them. There is always something they like to eat like their favorite food so you should have always stocked that item to feed them whenever they want.


The best food for leopard gecko is a requirement but you should also keep in mind the supplement they require for fulfilling their needs for nutrients. You can make the powder of captured reared pests with ReptiVite and ReptiCalcium. It should be according to the lizard you are going to feed only feed the required you don’t need to overdose them with supplements. Don’t make your leopard gecko be dependant upon just supplements. Use supplements in case you feel that it is not getting all the nutrients because of not eating sufficient food.

Why Is It Important To Take Care Of What They Eat?

There are many reasons why you should take care of the food requirement of your gecko. They need to survive is the primary reason for every one of eating food. You need to take care of that your leopard gecko is getting all the nutrients it needs to spend their day actively and normally like they do in the wild. You know how important it is to build a similar environment around the leopard gecko, so you should also take care of what they eat. They can easily live longer and survive over the food they eat in the wild.

Sum up

What Do Leopard Geckos Eat in the Wild?

Leopard geckos have proven themselves as the pet that you can easily take care of the best food for leopard gecko for your pet. it’s important for you to keep in mind that every living thing needs to collect the required nutrients in their body to survive longer. In the wild leopard gecko eats many types of insects that they hunt themselves and sometimes they also go for big things like caterpillars and newly born mantids and mice. In the wild, they have a very large area and so much food just wondering around all over the place which they can easily hunt but with you, they are depending on you to bring the food that helps them to survive and stay healthy and active. You also need to keep in mind some things in mind like noticing what they like to eat and what keeps them more active so that you can shortlist the best food for them.

What Do You Put in a Bunny Litter Box?

It is very important to stay healthy and thus, follow full hygiene at all times. This goes true even for animals too. Whether cats or dogs, you would not want their excreta to be lying around your home at all places. We only can make them learn that it’s not proper to be doing this all around. But after all, they don’t know our language and so, people train their pets to give them a sign for this and then they take their pets outside.

This case is very easy and true for dogs. But what about other animals. Well, dogs are the politest and the best pets ever. But it doesn’t mean that everyone would have to be a dog person. What more, people do also keep wild animals such as Wild cats, Crocodiles and even bears as their pets. So, it indeed is important to take care of hygiene in such cases. This is why the litter boxes were introduced in the first place. Just like the loo at our homes, litter boxes are things and boxes that are used by animals to do their loo.

More about It

What Do You Put in a Bunny Litter Box?

Well, every pet lover knows about litter boxes. But the thing which arrives is that they work differently. Since animal litter boxes don’t have flush like ours in them, something different is used in these cases. People use beddings or litter and then, after a particular time, they throw all these bedding. It makes cleaning the litter box very easy. But again, the question pops, you cannot put anything or everything as bedding. Proper things must be used. And so, we arrive at the place where this article will tell you all about the different types of bedding used as Litter in those boxes.

Different Types

There are many kinds of materials used as bedding. Some of them are mentioned below.

Pine/Cedar/Aspen Shavings

Pine and Cedar are not recommended to be used as bedding since they are connected to respiratory issues and also lover damage in small animals. But even though they are still available and widely used as a bedding in many litter boxes. Aspen shavings are good to use and provide better results. The advantage of all three is that they are widely used and widely available. You can easily find them on a pet store or even a regular grocery store. The only disadvantage is that they have no control over the odour of the urine. And sometimes, they also get stuck to the animal’s fur only to get tracked all over the house, leading into a big mess. They also need to be get replaced often.

Paper-based bedding

People also use paper-based beddings. Companies who make this type of beddings make them in all colours and generally, brown are preferred. They are very absorbent, controls odour, have no sticking problems and are best and the safest for animals. The only disadvantage is that they are a bit expensive than other beddings and only can be found in the pet store. Nowadays, companies who make this bedding have introduced baking soda in their formula which can be harmful to animals. So, you might need to reconsider before buying this type of bedding.

Newspaper/Shredded Paper

Using Newspaper or Shredded paper is also an option for bedding in litter boxes. The best thing about them is that they are cheap and can be found anywhere and what more, even at your homes. Although they are more disadvantageous. They are unable to control the odour, and there is also a high risk that the rabbit might eat the newspaper, leading to blockage and other problems which can be expensive to treat. Paper also needs to be replaced very frequently.

Wood Stove Pellets

What Do You Put in a Bunny Litter Box?

Hardwood pellets is also an option to be used as bedding. The only thing you have to confirm before buying them is that they don’t contain any chemicals and are safe for your rabbit. The best thing about them is that they are cheap, easily available in-home improvement as well as grocery stores and works best in absorbing odour and fluids as well.

Cat Litter/Clumping Litter

Cat litter or clumping litter can also be used as a bedding for rabbit litter boxes. But since rabbits are naughty animals and have a habit of chewing very much, they even can eat those pellets. And once ingested, they can clump up inside the digestive system and thus, can be fatal. Treating them will also cost much. They also are not efficient in absorbing fluids and odour and sticks to the rabbit’s fur.

Corn Cob Litter

Corn Cob Litter are also seen as a bedding material. While being the best in terms of weight, size and urine absorption. These advantages can also be a disadvantage. Being small in size and much lightweight can cause it to stick to the rabbit’s fur and thus, to be dragged all-around your house. Seeing small pieces of corn can annoy you much and that’s why it is less recommended. Also, they are easy to be taken in for a rabbit and when ingested can cause bigger problems and even blockage and so is not recommend3ed by most of the animal specialists.

Clay Litter

Clay Litter is also an option when it comes to selecting the bedding for a rabbit. Although it is available easily, it has many issues. It’s very much dusty and not easily cleaned if spilt. It can stick to the rabbit’s fur only to be tracked all over your home. It can cause respiratory issues in small animals as well as in rabbits. Since it is small, ingesting it can be fatal for your pet.

Final Verdict

What Do You Put in a Bunny Litter Box?

So, here was everything about the bedding for litter boxes. After all, choosing to bed might be difficult but it is not impossible. Just choose something which stays at its spot and one which absorbs odour and fluids efficiently and the one which is not harmful to animals. You can find the best litter for rabbits online as well, you are just required to search it on internet and you will find many online stores to buy from.

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